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Castors and Wheels Put the World in Motion

Castors and wheels are all over the place on every one of our autos, planes, machines, trains, hardware, gear, and regardless of the fact that you look down now, they may even be on your office seats. It’s most likely a segment that you have never invested much...
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Different Kinds of Swivel Caster Wheels

The mobility of wheels and tables, especially in the workplace, is perhaps one of the greatest breakthroughs in furniture technology. Since swivel chairs and wheels were introduced, they have become an absolute must in the office and at home, where the average individual finds himself handling several tasks...
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Office Chair Casters and Safety

The wheels that office chairs have are also called office chair casters. They often go unnoticed in the office. One employee rolls over to the fax machine. Another goes to his desk and back in front of her computer. People use them without regard and this continues until...
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