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How to Choose a Good Builder

Many people choose to work from home these days. The benefits are obvious; you can work the hours you want, great for those juggling parenthood, you can work in your comfy clothes, you don’t have the boss looking over your shoulder and you save money by not paying...
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How to Create a Gargoyle Garden

Go to a hobby or craft store and buy some plastic jewels. We used these for the eyes of the gargoyles. Blue, green, yellow and copper really set off these guys. At night when the patio lights are on you can see the gargoyles just glowing with the...
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Options For a Kitchen Or Bath Remodel

Deciding to remodel any room in your home can be a huge undertaking. This is especially true with a kitchen or bathroom. There are a lot of little details you may not think of, and there can be issues with things like electrical and plumbing. The best way...
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