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How to Make the Most of Small Spaces in Your Home

Small spaces are more economical to run,’ points out Elizabeth Wilhide, author of Small Spaces. ‘And because the surface areas you are dealing with are more limited, you can choose more luxurious materials and high-end details. Small-space living also concentrates the mind as, with less room to play...
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Great Tips And Advice For Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

In many homes, decorating or revamping the bathroom is just an after thought. Most bathrooms are either sterile like an operating theatre or in some cases just plain old ugly! Many homeowners are so unconcerned with design ideas for their bathroom that they make no effort to do...
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Green Living Homes That You Create

Also look at you filters in heating and air conditioning units. My Dad was a heating and air guy for years and was always shocked as to how people just wouldn’t take the time to change the filters which would cause countless dollars in repair bills yearly. There...
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