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The See Saw Dollar and the Average Man

A lot of changes are happening as the dollar declines in value and countries begin to unload. All of this economic impact means little to the average person if they don’t see a change in their own pocket book. The question then arises what is going to happen...
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How to Design a Playhouse for Your Kids

Before you can build a playhouse for your kids, you obviously need a plan. Without a plan you’ll stumble along, making random cuts and wasting your time and money on wrongly cut lumber. One way to get your creative juices flowing is to study other playhouses. Whether online...
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Embroidered artwork in Literature and Creative Writing

The mix of the brightening expressions with writing and experimental writing has prompted numerous established stories and books themed around a composition or relic. Others have utilized woven artwork as allegory to infer a weaving of a story, and utilizing embroidered artwork to subject a story has fortified...
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