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Home Solar Energy Products That Save You Money

Fans are the perfect solar product because they work hardest when you need them the most–on a hot, sunny day! Solar powered fans come in all sizes. Larger solar powered attic fans go on your roof and ventilate your attic. Smaller gable fans are installed in gables (naturally)...
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How to Install Yard Drainage For Your Home

If your home suffers from wet soil conditions or frequent flooding or standing water from even the smallest amount of rainfall, maybe you should consider installing some underground drainage piping or catch basins. There are several options for a homeowner to choose from and we will cover some...
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DIY Solar Water Heating Systems

Building a DIY solar water heating system using homemade solar panels and parts is probably the easiest way to take advantage of solar. It is also the easiest project for a newcomer to build and the best place to start. The storage tanks can be substantially larger than...
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