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What the stock market will do in 2017

So with many pundits already out on their blogs, and newsletter websites, trying to predict the movements in the stock market for 2017, they are forgetting 4 very important and valuable secrets. Secrets that could really ramp up ones trading account, and help you to secure your financial...
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Why The US Dollar will surge another 11%

With inflation now swamping the US stock market, and with Janet Yellen coming in and who has been hinting that the federal reserve is about to start raising interest rates, that will give the US dollar just the boost and the excuse it needs to pump itself higher...
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Is the bull market coming to an end?

After the US election and Donald Trump getting elected, and investors watching the market skyrocket to new highs in a matter of weeks. Is this all just a false rally? And is the bull market finally coming to an end? These are very interesting questions. We have just...
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