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Get Your Iron Game Terminology Straight

This is probably the most confusing term and is often used as the catch all phrase to describe people that weight train. This is incorrect though, not all people that train with weights are bodybuilders. A true bodybuilder is someone who competes in the sport of bodybuilding. They...
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Top Three Ecofriendly Lighting Fixtures

Chandeliers are often energy hogging lighting options, simply because they power so many inefficient bulbs. Small incandescent candle lights are big energy hogs even though they are rated at around 40 watts or less per bulb. Those add up when the entire unit runs together and for extended...
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The Benefits Of Fake Fireplaces

The chimney has for quite some time been a place around which families assemble to recount stories, read books, and have discussion. Before TV, before radio – there was the chimney. Also, the present chimney keeps on going about as the centerpiece of the home – drawing families...
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