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What does a Dental Digital Scanner Do?

Dental digital scanners are also called intraoral scanners. An intraoral scanner is a device that captures a direct oral impression. Just like the name, it scans your teeth. The device projects a light source onto the area to be scanned, and images are captured by imaging sensors. They...
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What Does Smile Design Software Do?

Imagine having the smile you always dreamed of. The one you always admired on other people and wanted so badly for yourself. Well, good news, that is what smile design software does. All you need to do is visit your dentist and get it, your perfect smile.  ...
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What To Do If Your Child Chips Their Tooth?

There are several reasons why kids’ teeth tend to chip. However, this is a common thing for children and no reason for you to worry. Follow the tips outlined below to know what to do when your kid inevitably chips a tooth. Causes Of Teeth Chipping in Kids...
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