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Know the basics about making your career in merchant navy.

As the term suggests, the merchant navy mainly is linked with commercial operations, including the transportation of people as well as freight by sea. It has particularly nothing to do with the military naval forces, and as we’ve seen, the Merchant Navy ships are made up of commercial containers, cargo ships, passenger...
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If you wanted to join merchant navy know the requirements

Merchant ships are the backbone of international trade and transport cargo around the world. Without merchant ships, many import and export businesses would be at a standstill. Public and private sector shipping companies operate the Merchant Ship Navy. Merchant ships are maintained by a crew of experienced navigators...
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Start your carrier in the merchant navy

The opportunity to travel the world and the temptation of adventure on the high seas attracts many young people seeking a career on a merchant ship, in addition to their high-paying potential. The Merchant Ship Navy differs from the Navy in that it provides commercial services, unlike the...
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