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Breaking the barriers of mobile phones.

In the last decades, there have been a lot of good research as well as development projects. Mobile phones are one of the most innovative innovations. It has completely altered the way people communicate. Many of the new technologies are being introduced by mobile device manufacturers. As a result, we now...
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The history and benefits of mobile phones

The origin of the cell phone is said to have been around 1973 when the mass consumer electronics company Motorola launched the first portable cell phone, which is market under the name Motorola DynaTac 8000X. Currently, the number of cell phone models entering the market is practically priceless....
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Why mobile phones are necessary?

Mobile phones are efficient communication devices and make life easy. Whether you’re looking for friends or following up on new contacts, your mobile phone lets you connect with people anywhere in the world. New mobile phone models are constantly designed to meet consumer needs and are now equipped...
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