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Do synthetic sapphire gemstones work?

Though most people think of synthetic gems as cheap and easy-to-spot imitations, it’s the experienced jeweler who knows that today’s synthetic copies are often just as good as – and sometimes even better than – the real thing. The case is the same in the case of sapphire,...
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Are lab-created gemstones worth buying?

Gemstone Jewelry is something that is something showoff and asks for a lot of money. If you are naturally drawn towards it then you might have it otherwise seek the lab-created alternative. It is something that you want to think about in advance, save and then buy. Most...
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What does blue topaz crystal do?

Blue Topaz comes from the ancient Sanskrit “tapas” meaning fire. This light blue translucent stone was named because of its power to cool down hot or boiling water. It was thought that when the stone was put in the boiling water one could stick their hand in and...
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