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Everybody in the world will love to have a pearly white smile but very few people are blessed with the perfect one. If you are worried about your dental defects and want to enhance your appearance, you can opt for Restorative Dentistry Surfside. Visit a dentist near me in order to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. 


Restorative Dentistry Sunny Isles is basically a special branch of dentistry that is perfect to correct various dental imperfections such as teeth, mouth, and smile. Restorative Dentistry Aventura not only offers various kinds of smile makeover methods but also deals with the maintenance of healthy gums and teeth. The procedure type can be determined only by an experienced dentist who can easily detect the severity of damage to the teeth. You can select any one of the Restorative Dentistry procedures that can be used commonly to correct your smile. There are some of the methods are discussed below:

  1. Dental implants: 

These are a kind of artificial teeth, utilized for the replacement of damaged ones. Generally, implants are prescribed to patients who face problems in particular dental activities such as chewing, talking because of the wider gaps in their teeth. Since the implants look-alike natural teeth, the smile of the person is also improved. 

  1. Crowns: 

Crowns act just like implants that are utilized for filling in gaps between two teeth. These crowns are either produced using porcelain materials or a combination of teeth straightening materials. Crowns are utilized for various purposes that may include;

  • To hide the defects in teeth.
  • To restore the broken tooth back to its normal shape and size.
  • To straighten weak teeth. 


Therefore, if you have tooth discoloration or badly shaped teeth dental crowns may be an appropriate solution for you. Visit Restorative Dentistry Near Me to consider the right treatment for your oral issues. 

  1. Bridges: 

Dental bridges are generally used to join adjacent teeth permanently. If there are missing teeth between them a dental bridge will offer strength to the whole dental set and keep the adjacent teeth fixed to the jawbone. It remains intact for a long time without causing any inconvenience to the patient. 


  1. Dentures: 

Dentures are recommended by the dentist when you have lost all permanent teeth. People who are comfortable wearing dentures or false removable teeth can opt for this method. These artificial teeth are fixed to the gum-colored plastic base joint by a metal framework. There are some patients who have lost a few of their teeth and may require partial dentures. There are others who may need a full denture. If you are looking for the right restorative method designed by Restorative Dentistry North Miami, consult a well-known restorative dentist.  

The cost of restorative methods: 

Methods Average Cost
Dental implants $5,000 per tooth, or $40,000 for a full mouth

All-on-4 implant- 12,000–$25,000

Dental bridges (fixed)$500–$1,500, 


$5,000+ (implant-supported)

Dental crowns $500–$1,500(metal), 


$600–$1,800(porcelain-fused-to-metal), $700–$2,000 (CEREC).

Dentures $3,000–$8,000(traditional), 


$700–$3,000 (flexible).


If your teeth are missing, you can visit a nearby dentist, in order to consult a dentist locally.

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