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Have you ever wondered if you and your partner should take Marriage Therapist Orange County? Surely your first reaction is to think that it does not make sense to do it at this moment because things are fine, that there are normal problems that you know, you can solve together without the help of someone else.

7 benefits of couples therapy:

The mere fact of recognizing that there is a problem and that you need help is already an invaluable benefit that will generate peace of mind. However, there are other benefits that you should keep in mind.

  1. You know your partner more: When you have lived with a person for a long time, you think you know them completely, but you don’t. Some thoughts and attitudes can go unnoticed by you for years and that you only know when you listen to them in the middle of Marriage Counselor Orange County.
  1. You know yourself: Many times, you do not know the why of certain attitudes and behaviors that you have in your day today, and it is important to begin to recognize where they come from to be aware of their existence and later, work and improve them.
  1. They build common goals: Having a shared goal, such as saving their relationship, makes them connect much more, and that they have a reason that drives them to give their best to continue building their life project together.
  1. You learn to identify attributions: Many times you may have drawn your conclusions about what you think the other thinks. In this space, you learn that you should look for clear answers and not stay with your interpretations and that those answers will be given to you by your partner.
  1. You improve communication styles: You learn to listen, not to judge, to understand what the other wants in the best way, not to take things personally, and to understand that recommendations are not attacks against you, but opportunities for growth in your relationship.
  1. They identify shortcomings: Some problems arise within your relationship but that does not have an apparent cause of appearance, in Couples Therapist in Orange County,you will find those shortcomings that led you to the current situation, and that are the reasons why today you are in the middle of the process.
  1. You stop assuming guilt: Generally, one of the parts of a couple is the one who assumes the burden of the problems, who feels guilty for everything that happens. With a specialist, each one will understand the importance of assuming their own mistakes in building a healthy relationship.

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