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A tempered glass screen protector installs in much the same way as a plastic screen protector. The glass protector has two plastic protections on both sides so that we must remove the protection on one side to place it on the Smartphone screen, then the protection on the other side is removed and we will have the protector installed.


In the video that we have put down, you can see the installation of the tempered glass screen protector is simpler than that of a conventional protector. The best thing is that if we make a mistake when we urge it the first time, we can try again.


Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCgoD8QO85Q


  1. The first step is to remove any old case or screen protector on our phone.
  2. Then, we clean the screen very well with a glass cleaner to avoid fingerprints or dust spots.
  3. Once we have the screen clean, we remove the first protection from the protector and place it on the screen. No need to worry about installing the first time; the important thing is that the protector is well placed. Afterward, we rub the screen with a cloth to remove the bubbles.
  4. Once we place the protector correctly, we remove the second protection and we will have the screen protector placed on our Smartphone.



Can tempered glass screen protectors replace conventional covers?


It must be very clear that the function of this type of protector is to exclusively protect the screen. It does not protect the case. If the phone is dropped, the only thing that will protect the phone from scratches is a conventional phone case.


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