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After the All-on-4® and dental implant procedure, your dentist will give you some post-surgery instructions for quick recovery. Among the instructions is what to eat during this period. The diet restrictions for the All-on-4® procedure is categorised into two; one to two weeks after the surgery and two weeks to three months after the surgery.



When you know the right foods to eat, there will be no pain or complications due to chewing or any heavy activities with your teeth.


One to Two Weeks After Surgery Diet

Your mouth and jaw will be sore after the surgery and implantation; hence chewing food will be painful and difficult. Stick to liquid foods that require no chewing for this week.

Immediately after surgery, for the first 48 hours, avoid hot liquids. Ensure that your puree food has nutrition content in them to help your recovery from surgery. You can blend food to liquify them if hunger intensifies. Some foods you can take include milkshakes, yoghurt, pudding, fruit juice, smoothies, protein shakes, milk, broth, frozen yoghurt, custard, and meal replacement shakes.

Don’t use drinking straws. It is because the sucking process can dislodge blood clots, causing bleeding and delaying the recovery process.


Two Weeks to Three Months After Surgery

Here the soreness has reduced, and you can start eating less food that requires minimal chewing. The diet should involve soft foods, including fruits, vegetables, pasta, soft bread, eggs, cheese and grains.


After Recovery

After you have recovered, you can eat any food. Remember, these teeth are just like your natural teeth. They can crush, tear, grind and chew anything. So you can eat anything with All-on-4® implants after you have recovered.

Restriction on a diet is only before recovery. Otherwise, you are free to eat anything as long as you maintain good oral hygiene that promotes good oral health.


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