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Pros of Earplugs

  1. Greater protection

Earplugs have a significant advantage compared to other protective ear equipment. Earplugs fit directly into the ear canal. It means they are suitable for people working in a boisterous environment as they provide the highest level of protection.



  1. Earplugs are easy to carry

Due to their size and weight, they are easy to carry. The earplugs are small and light; hence they fit in your pocket, unlike big earmuffs.

Earplugs also make it easy for one to wear other protective equipment such as helmets and safety glasses.


Cons of Earplugs

  1. Difficult to fit

Earplugs rely on adequately fitting in the ear canal. Sometimes, it is not guaranteed that they will fit. They tend to have a problem when it comes to fitting. However, workers and anyone who uses earplugs should be trained to fit them properly to overcome these challenges.


  1. Infections

If you have an ear infection, it is impossible to use earplugs. Because they are uncomfortable and might touch the infection or wound, bringing more pain.

  1. Share earplugs

Sharing earplugs is not recommended. Unlike earmuffs that cover the ear on the outside, earplugs are fitted in the ear.


Will Earplugs Prevent Hearing Loss?

Yes, earplugs will prevent hearing loss. They are worn to protect your hearing when working in noisy conditions. When your ears are exhibited to too much noise, you risk experiencing hearing damage. When the noise damages your nerve ending in the inner ear, your hearing can not be fixed.

Earplugs will block out the noise, protecting your ears.


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