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Motorcycle Accidents are significantly different from car accidents as they vary in the causes, the injuries caused, and the liability of the drivers. No matter how serious your motorcycle accident is, compared to another car accident, it can be just as dangerous, it all depends on the severity of the accident.

Some of the most common risks when riding a motorcycle are:

– Poor visibility from other vehicles towards motorcycles: motorcycles are much smaller compared to a car, which means that they are not so easily seen.

– Hazards on the road: the slightest danger on the road can cause a serious impact on the motorcyclist, for example, a bad pavement, a pothole, small objects on the pavement, garbage on the pavement, wet or snowy pavement, etc. Cars can easily pass these types of road hazards, yet they pose a serious risk to motorcyclists.

– Little protection: motorcyclists, due to the characteristics of the motorcycle, do not have the same protection as the passengers of a vehicle. In addition to this, motorcyclists do not have airbags or seat belts. The only protection they have is their helmet, but these only protect a small part of the body.

– Poor stability: because motorcycles only have two tires vs four tires on a car, it is very easy for a motorcyclist to lose control when braking, turning, or cornering unexpectedly.

– These risks are very high, and something as small as a crack in the pavement or sudden braking can have disastrous results. If you or a loved one has been involved in a Motorcycle Accident, it is critical that you contact our experienced Motorcycle Accidents Attorney Los Angeles.

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Without an attorney, you may be overwhelmed by calls from insurance companies, in the face of mounting medical bills, navigating the unknown waters of insurance coverage, or without transportation while your car is being repaired or replaced.

You are at a great disadvantage to an experienced and trained insurance adjuster who may be constantly pushing to close your claim. You should spend your time recovering and healing, not overwhelmed by the stress of bills, and settling your claim by accident.

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