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If you are planning to Buy Persian Rugs, you should know about their cleaning. Cleaning Persian rugs should be done with the utmost care and caution, as it is made from delicate materials that could be damaged if the correct method is not applied.

A Persian rug can become the key element of any home decoration. This will provide authenticity and personality difficult to recreate in other ways, but for this, we must take proper care of it.

At buypersianrugs.com, we know the best tricks so that you can maintain the cleaning of your handmade Persian Rugs so that it is always as from the first day. Follow the following tips to know how to do it from home.

Recommended materials for cleaning Persian rugs:

The first thing you should know is that you cannot clean your Persian carpet with any product or instrument, since it could damage the wool, silk, or colors in the process. Unlike other types of rugs, these require special care.

What do we need then to take care of our carpet and clean it most efficiently? We explain it to you below.

– Neutral pH detergent to clean specific stains such as wine, chocolate, or other types of food. We must take care that the detergent we choose does not have any abrasive chemical component that damages the materials of the carpet. Always make sure to buy it from authentic Iranian Rug Store.


– Soft bristle brush

– A dry cloth

– A vacuum cleaner

– Baking soda

Before we warn you that we will not use all these materials for the cleaning of Handmade Persian Rugs, but that all this will depend on the type of stain in question and the maintenance that we are going to carry out.

How to clean Persian Rugs?

– Perform a test on a small part of the carpet to see how it reacts to the detergent you are using. The goal is to avoid using products that damage it and remove the color.

– Rotate it and change it from time to time to prevent certain areas from deteriorating and spoiling over time.

– Another cleaning option is baking soda. This, as you may already know, is ideal for cleaning specific stains without damaging the surface of the carpet. To do this, apply the baking soda to the stain and rub. Leave it to work for 10 hours and then use the vacuum cleaner to remove debris and dirt.

– You can use a special mesh to place it under the carpet so that it is more resistant to footprints and pressure.

– Clean the fringes by placing a cloth under them. Brush with neutral detergent with gentle movements.

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