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Automatic car Parking Management software is basically a planning, designed in such a manner so as to organize areas where you can park your car.

This highly efficient system is allowed with an exit gate and an entry gate with closed circuit TV cameras for taking the image of the vehicle’s number plate on its way out and in respectively. Automatic car Parking Management solutions connects by the source of internet with a remote-control system.

Automatic system provides advanced parking management system with Parking Token handheld which lives up to the needs of innovative and professional management of advanced car parking. In this automatic system, we can give car-parking systems for both multi-story car parking and ground level parking with more than a few features.

These important features contain:

– Easy access to the respective area

– Control flows of the vehicle

– Automatic and manual payment mode

– Can supply administrative and account statements to the sanctioned person

– 24×7 access control with recognition of registration plate

– Automatic function of gates and retractable posts

– Plan control

– Time as well as management of client account

– Private and public car park management

Automated Parking Token Hardware is fully functional, centralized resolution for your multi-zone, multi-site car parks that is 24×7 available all through the week. As we recognize, it is completely based on recognition of number plate hence very simple to use.


– Safety for company car parks, public car parks,stations, banks, administrations, etc.

– Complete access control for clubs, hotels, camp-sites, etc

– Complete access control for industrial logistics and suppliers

– Automatic billing

Automated system of Car Park Management can even be integrated with parking software that can manage:

– Informeduser’s file

– Site layout

– Plan for each control point / user

– Available number of parking spaces for each zone

– Out and in flow report

– Cost management/Parking time

In this type of system, big parking sites can be managed by interrelating several personal sites. All these access points are then managed centrally from a best centralized server.

An automatic parking system contained of a parking rack and minimum one vehicle-lifting feeder. The rack is separated into a number of parking areas. This vehicle-lifting feeder has a perfect pair of comb-like wings for holding a car into a pair of comb-like platforms that are made on each parking area in the rack.

Automatic parking management permits for an error-free, non-duplicatable, fast readalternative to the traditional mediums of site safety. With a lot of transponder type factors that can be straddling on or within the vehicle, many people can enter a protected area without opening a window or a door to get authorization. By automatic car parking system, we can keep more vehicles in just less area. This type of formula can be used to almost any city in the whole world. This is possibly the main reasons why automatic car parking systems are a very gorgeous alternative to conventional systems by using available space in more effective manner.

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