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If you are still wondering why to hire Motorcycle Accident Attorney Orange County, check out the following reasons.

The company will carefully assess the damages:

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Orange Counthas the experience and tools to properly assess a case. Relative values ​​for subjective injuries such as emotional distress, scarring or disfigurement, or pain and suffering require case comparisons and analysis of jury verdicts.

The value of the loss of earning power is different from the value of the lost earnings or the loss of future earnings. These types of wage damage assessments require economic analysis.

That is why the injury attorney must have advisers specialized in this type of financial analysis, as well as health professionals on staff to assist in the proper evaluation of injury claims and treatment protocols. All of these special skills within the firm allow for a very thorough assessment of the value of the case.

Personal injury attorneys do more than negotiating:

Many people believe that he is a good negotiator. But the best negotiators have the right tools to take advantage of their position and achieve the optimal result.

Orange County Accident attorneys do better because they understand the process insurance companies use to evaluate and negotiate a case.

They know that insurance companies evaluate claims based on the content of medical records and bills and that they use software to evaluate claims based on specific information, such as:

– Diagnostic codes (broken bones versus whiplash)
– Treatment codes (surgery versus physical therapy)
– Accident dynamics (low-speed catch-up vs. high-speed collision)
– Documentation of lost wages

The lawyer is only paid if he obtains a recovery:

Hiring the Best Personal Injury Attorney Orange County can seem like an expensive prospect. However, most injury attorneys work on a “contingency fee.” That means instead of being charged by the hour, the attorney’s compensation is calculated as a percentage of the total recovery of the claim.

It depends on receiving compensation from the insurance company. That means there are no upfront fees and you are not billed every time you speak to the attorneys on the phone.

Attorneys are paid a percentage of the funds recovered at the end of the case, whether it be a settlement, a mediation agreement, and an arbitration award or jury verdict.

That also means that the attorney is only paid if there is a successful resolution of the claim. No recovery, no attorney’s fees.

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