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If you are thinking of purchasing one of the Antique Persian Rugs, read on and find out which is the type of Persian rug that best suits your needs. These Persian pieces have been a true emblem of Iranian culture and art for centuries. For this reason, the Persian carpet is still thought of as a type of carpet in itself, but the truth is that there are many styles and types of Persian carpets. The list could be endless!

From Buy Persian Rugs (https://www.buypersianrugs.com/), we want to inform you about the most iconic types of Persian rugs, their manufacture, materials, and motifs. And it is always advisable to buy it from the Authentic Persian Rugs Store. Let’s go through this information in detail.


This type of tapestry is characterized by having short and rough hair. Several themes are represented in these. The motifs are usually a medallion placed in the center surrounded by trees, such as weeping willows and cypresses.

Another popular representation is the four seasons that describe the life of the Persian peasant during spring, summer, autumn, and winter. It also stands out for reflecting ancient palaces and ruins.

A curiosity about this type of Persian carpet is that if you look at the corners, it is sometimes possible to see the four great Persian poets Sadi.


Moud rugs are characterized by using silk in the thread to provide shine to the fabric. We can also find two subcategories within this style, Moud Mahi and Moud Garden.

The Mahi style stands out for its range of colors, in beige tones with a red or light blue hue, in addition to the representation of a star-shaped medallion. While the Garden style stands out for the use of a curvilinear garden ornament.


Carpets from this city have a great reputation and are very popular. The material is of very good quality and the knot density is high, often exceeding one million knots per square meter. It is made of wool or silk and features floral motifs and central medallions.


For manufacturers and experts, this type of Persian carpet is synonymous with durability. The weavers of this wonder use heavy combs, made of metal and wood so that the surface of the pile becomes very compact, which prevents small dust particles from adhering to the carpet.

The rugs are made with Turkish knots and are usually red and blue with elements in beige tones. What is most reflected in these confections is the Herat, a fishing motif, but also the medallions and floral motifs.

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