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Having perfect teeth isn’t something that can be achieved with a regular regimen of brushing, flossing, and dentist office visits. While this will certainly do a good job of keeping tooth decay and gum disease at bay, You’re largely stuck with how your teeth look from a genetic standpoint. Braces and other forms of orthodontics can straighten them out, but they won’t do much to fix discolored enamel. If you’re looking for a nice, perfect smile, Lumineers Veneers could be the perfect solution for you. 

Lumineers is a very thin version of Traditional Veneers Houston. Why are they made so thin? Well, with regular veneers, the dentist must shave down the enamel on your existing teeth so that the veneers don’t create a bulky feeling in your mouth and severely disrupt your usual functions. Because Lumineers Veneers Near Me are only about as thick as a contact lens, no grinding of the existing enamel is necessary. This makes them a pain-free alternative, as well as a welcome solution for people who don’t like the thought of destroying their teeth. 


How do Lumineers get fitted by dentists?

  • The dentist can fit Lumineers Veneers Houston to your mouth in a time span of two visits, in most instances. The first time into the office, the dentist will take a mold of your teeth and he’ll be able to choose a white shade that will ensure your veneers look natural and bright. 
  • When you come back to the office, the dentist will check and make sure the Veneers on Crooked Teeth fit perfectly into your mouth. If everything is good to go, they can be applied permanently. If there are problems with the fit, make sure and tell your dentist at this time, so corrections can be made.
  • If you have been looking for some way to correct imperfections in your smile, you should talk to a Cosmetic dentist Houston TX about solutions that could be right for you. This is but one possible solution, though it is the best one for many patients. Discoloration, gaps, chips, and other problems can be hidden away by a good set of Lumineers. 
  • Make sure the dentist has a great deal of experience in the field and knows how to fit veneers in such a way that will give you the best possible smile. 


  • Ask around for recommendations when it comes to good cosmetic dentists in your area. You may want to ask your usual dentist for a referral if he doesn’t perform those types of procedures himself. If all else fails, you can look online for ratings and reviews for dental professionals in your city.

Benefits of Lumineers

To improve one’s smile, there are several benefits that these cosmetic dentistry applications have over other techniques. The price difference between the lumineers and the traditional applications is the more glaring benefit. As compared to the older ones these newer versions are relatively cheaper. Due to this, the patients attract to this method. The teeth are not severely shaved or contoured for this is another positive aspect. 

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