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Medical gases have become an essential tool in the medical field.


What are medical gases?


Even though they may be unknown to many or have never stopped to think about the operation of hospitals and certain medical activities, medical gases have been used for more than 100 years.


Nowadays, they have become essential in the medical field, and technological advances allow them to get the most out of their abilities.


The most extensively used medical gases are oxygen, nitrous oxide, medical air, nitrogen, helium, and carbon dioxide.


These medical gases are categorized as drugs used in the hospital environment, in various clinics, and in emergency centres. There may also be home use by patients who need it.


All of this leads to a logical and fundamental part; medical gases have to go through a high demand for quality, safety, and maximum efficiency.


The installation of medical gases is distributed throughout the hospital through pipes that lead to the exit points where the flow regulators will be installed.


Without good project planning and arrangement of Medical Gas Leak Detection, the safety of the entire hospital can be in serious jeopardy.



Medical gases are part of health network without those who are immersed in its operation being aware of it.It has been confirmed that these types of gases are also used to perform various diagnoses and treatments, not only in matters of the operating room but can also be used for the calibration and correct operation of medical equipment.


Medical oxygen


One of the gases most present in any area is medical oxygen; it is the one that is most used in the hospital area and the one that has been demonstrating for many years that its use is essential for the health of the human body.


We have to think about this relevant and illustrative data. Did you know that after only two minutes with a lack of oxygen, irreversible damage can be caused to any organ, which is why Medical Gas Service should be top-notch?


Medical oxygen is used in recovery after an operation with artificial respiration to prevent possible damage.It is also used in the resuscitation phase in the Intensive Care Unit to create artificial atmospheres, treat burns, and treat hypoxia and hyperbaric therapy.


The Medical Gas Supplier supplying this type of medical gas offer different measures depending on the consumer they serve. We find oxygen tanks or a bulk supply, cryogenic containers, and oxygen bottles of various sizes.


It has to be remembered that there are patients who need to use these oxygen bottles when they go home and have to travel with them so that you can find bottles from 1 liter to 50 liters.


The Medical Gas Cylinders that are intended for direct use by patients usually have a valve that allows them to regulate the amount of gas that they expel, which on a personal level can also offer a greater sense of control that is emotionally pleasant when one becomes aware of it, as it depends directly on an oxygen cylinder, regardless of where it is headed.

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