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In the medical discipline, sterilization is crucial to several procedures. Medical Gloves, for instance, are sterilized with either gamma radiation or ethylene oxide to make them suitable for surgical methods.

However, not all medical gloves are sterile.

Non-sterile gloves are also called examination gloves. These are used by medical professionals as a physical barrier for microbes and avoid cross-transmission of pathogens. These gloves too are regulated and certified by FDA prior to professional use.

Here are some of the procedures where professionals choose non-sterile glove applications:

  • Dressing non-invasive wounds.
  • Removing catheters and emptying drainage bags.
  • Inserting or removing the intravenous line.
  • Direct contraction of blood or body fluid.
  • Performing colostomies and gastrostomies.

There are several facts about non-sterile gloves one must learn before considering using them.

Are Non-Sterile gloves safe?

Where safety is concerned, non-sterile gloves are safe for minor procedures. However, these gloves cannot remove all contaminants.

These gloves must be used in clean techniques to prevent infections and contamination. The professional must wash their hands or sanitize before donning the gloves.

Non-sterile gloves are also used outside the medical field, like in the food processing industry, chemical laboratories, cosmetology, and more.

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