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‘’Cork’ is a very familiar word as it is used widely all over the world to maintain the quality of wine as it is used as bottle stopper and also avoids spilling of wine too. But there is yet another a very significant use of cork and that is floors made of using cork. However, Laminate FlooringTimber Flooring as well as Carpet Flooring is also gaining high popularity.

Cork is a very light and very much natural substance and Cork Flooring Adelaide give you experience as if you are stepping on air. Many of you might get amazed knowing it but the concept of cork is not new especially in the U.S. It, however, earlier its use was mostly restricted to libraries and churches, but no one can easily find it almost everywhere.

The trend of floors such as Vinyl Flooring made of cork is on high and the foremost reason behind it is awareness among people about using environmentally friendly products. According to a survey conducted by the American Institute of Architect, interest for natural material flooring like one made of cork has been found in more than 60%.

Apart from this, even the Carpet Tiles Adelaide are also a wonderful option. Looking for the Nylon Carpet Adelaide will also help to enhance the look of your house.


Making of Cork:

Most of the cork used in flooring as well as bottle cork come from the cork oak tree which is found in Mediterranean. It comprises hand-harvesting process after very nine years where a protective inner layer is not disturbed so that it is able grow and revive new bark. Thereafter it is left in the forest for a number of months so that it is dried properly and then taken to a factory. In the factory, first of all bottle corks are punched out and the remaining material is boiled and then grounded, after that it is compressed with the help of adhesive resins. Here we get the final product that can be used for flooring made of cork. There are Polypropylene Carpet Adelaide
planks comprising a high density fiberboard.

Price and Style in Cork-Flooring:

You have numerous options when choosing from Woolen Carpet Adelaide
designs made of cork and thus you have quite a good range of options to choose from when thinking about designing in cork-flooring. With about 40 shades and shapes which range from squares to hexagons, you definitely have option to convert your imagination into reality.

As far as the pricing of this type of flooring is concerned, the deciding factors are quality and the intricacy of a specific pattern. However, the average cost of this flooring ranges from $4 to $9 per square foot.

In the end, flooring made of cork and also the Carpet Tile Adelaide is an ideal choice which is known for its resilience and eco-friendly nature. It is the best choice when looking for something durable and stylish. Choose wisely from a wide range and add a charm to your interiors.

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