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Do you need dental implants? Are you wondering how long the healing process will take and if there is anything you can do to speed it up? Dental implants are an excellent option for restoring lost teeth, but they can take a long time to heal. Here are five strategies to help speed up the healing process from dental implants.

Clean Teeth Regularly And Brush As Instructed
Brushing your teeth is one of the easiest ways to protect your oral health. Regular brushing and flossing will help prevent cavities, gingivitis, and other common oral diseases. It will also help give you superior fresh breath and a great smile. Cleaning teeth regularly and brushing them as instructed are essential for speedy healing.

Drink Plenty Of Water To Reduce Inflammation
If you are looking to speed up the healing process from dental implants, then one good way to do that is to drink plenty of water. The obvious reason for drinking plenty of water is to stay hydrated and reduce inflammation.

Take Antibiotics As Prescribed
Recent studies have shown that it is possible to speed up the healing process from dental implants by taking antibiotics as prescribed to keep gum disease away. As a result, we all know that antibiotics must be taken within an appropriate time frame of having dental surgery.

You may have heard that over-the-counter antibiotics can slow down the healing process of dental implants. This is not true. Take antibiotics as prescribed.

Avoid Chewing On The Side Of The Implant That Is Healing
Avoid chewing on the side of the implant that is healing. When chewing gum, for example, the stress is not only felt by the jaw itself but also by the implant. From there, it can either accelerate or defer your implant placement.

It is vital to keep yourself from chewing on the side of your mouth, which is receiving treatment, especially when you are considering dental implants.

Being able to smile with confidence again is probably the most incredible feeling for people who have lost their teeth, and luckily some procedures can help you with the process of replacing one or more teeth.

The great thing about dental implants is that they are made to look and act like real ones, only permanent, so you won’t have to worry about them falling out. Follow the above tips to speed up the healing process of dental implants and enjoy their benefits.

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What Happens After You Get Composite Fillings In Your Teeth?

What Happens After You Get Composite Fillings In Your Teeth?
Composite fillings are typically used for repairing teeth with large holes. These fillings are a mixture of plastic and glass particles that are combined to create a colourless substance. In addition to appearing like your natural tooth, they also assist in oral health by resisting cavities and tooth decay.
There are many benefits to getting composite fillings. Allow us to explain the process and how this filling type works in your favour.
Your natural teeth are generally white in appearance when cared for well. Composite dental fillings are produced in a way to help you maintain this white and natural look of your teeth.
The natural tooth is composed of an outer layer of enamel and a centre of dentin. The composite resin acts as a filling to fill the space created by tooth decay. This will usually cover the entire cavity.
Composite fillings are a durable and reliable way of filling dental cavities. This reliability means the filling is likely to last long periods of time, helping you to truly restore your smile. Therefore, it may not come as a surprise that composite fillings are one of the most common dental procedures.
In addition to the visual and reliability benefits of composite fillings, they are also comfortable. Made of a mixture of glass and plastic substances, it is more gentle and comfortable in your mouth than the alternatives like metal fillings.
If you are looking for a dental filling solution that will last for years, then composite fillings may be the best option for you.
Why do Dentists Recommend Composite Fillings?
There are several reasons why dentists recommend Dental composite fillings. These include:
If we compare the cost of dental fillings to other solutions such as dental implants, composite fillings are far more cost-effective. They are a cheaper option that does not require surgery, and can provide excellent results to vastly improve your smile.
Lasting Solution
Composite fillings last for extended periods of time with the normal functions of teeth. It’s lasting nature makes it an excellent way to reverse tooth decay, and a main reason as to why it is so often recommended by dentists.
Natural Appearance
Composite fillings are colourless and able to blend well with the rest of your teeth. This provides an extremely natural appearance without having to replace the whole tooth.
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