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Has your brand got gorgeous text but it seems to be affecting your business negatively? You may begin to wonder what you’ve done wrong, only to realise that the text you found amazing is not as impressive as you once thought.

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It is true what they say that text affects your brand. It can affect it positively or negatively. The entire visual spectrum of text is called typography. So, how does typography affect your brand?

To understand this better, we’ll discuss the specific typography traits that can influence your brand.

  1. Font

It is the overall makeup of the text. It includes multiple characteristics such as style, size and weight. For instance, you can have your titles in Times New Roman at font size 16, bold and italics and the body at Times New Roman at font size 11.

  1. Size

Larger text sizes are used to call attention to a particular element, like titles or headings. You wouldn’t have your entire article written in size 16 font, you only need a large font when you want to grab someone’s attention.

  1. Weigh


This refers to additional characteristics like bold, italics, underlined. If you want to grab a reader’s attention fast or to draw their eye to a specific point of the content, bold is great for that.

  1. Style

This is the visual theme and type of text. It can be in Times New Roman font, which is popular, or Verdana, or any style you like. The style gives your brand a personality. Some styles say formal while others say elegant.

  1. Colour

Colour plays an important part in identifying your brand strategy. If you already have brand colours from your logo, you can use them in your text on words such as headings or subheadings.

  1. Accents

This trait is a hit or miss and depends on a lot of the other surrounding elements. Accents include different visual animations or additions, such as a drop-shadow, stroke, outline, or even a glow.

  1. Presentation

This is how you display your text, how it is presented to your target market.

Typography affects your brand in a way that most businesses don’t see coming. When your texts are scattered and messy, a client will assume that your business isn’t professional. When the text is formal, then your potential clients will know your brand is formal.

Ensure your typography matches your brand. This will send the right message to your target audience and future customers.

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