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A good Jewelry Business Consultant, must necessarily be an expert and must have knowledge of all precious stones. This guarantees a targeted offer to the customer who intends to purchase or have a personalized jewel made.


The aspect linked to the budget and innovation is the most exciting part of this profession: a good consultant can optimize costs and propose new jewelry ideas that are in step with the newest trends delivered by fashion. Consultant must complete their Jewelry Business Training, before start up of their work.


Personalized Jewels and Purchase Cost Optimization


The fundamental role of the jewelry consultant offering Jewelry Consultancy Service is, therefore, the concrete help he plays in the development and implementation of a jewel idea.

Jewels have always been seen as symbols, often unique objects, rich in meaning or carriers of messages of love and good wishes.


It often happens that precious stones are inherited or kept, and you want a frame designed ad hoc that allows you to wear that gem. Also, the Jewelry Business Growth Consultant will recommend the most suitable type of jewel to be developed and the most suitable design for the specific case.


The study of the shapes, the countenance of the recipient, and the optimization of costs based on the budget available to the customer are the points through which we will arrive at the definition of the jewel and its final realization, which will be handled by the professionals who the consultant himself will consult.


Jewelry Repair, the Role of the Jewelry Consultant


Whether it’s vintage, antique, or brand-new pieces, you may need a specialist in jewelry repair, which doesn’t always mean having to track down a master goldsmith.


Expert Diamond Jewelry Consultants also intervene here to help understand who to contact for a safe jewelry repair or restoring antique and precious bijoux.


The breakage or damage of an object almost always creates a little tension, especially if it is a unique and valuable piece, and even more if the repair of the jewel also requires the intervention of a setter. When we understand that our precious accessory is in danger of suffering serious damage, immediate repair is needed for a skilled craftsman or professional jeweler. Furthermore, in the presence of precious stones or pearls, the repair must be prompt to avoid losing the gems and prevent the damage from worsening.


What can a jeweler goldsmith fix? In most cases, jewelry repairs are done for:


  • Adjust the size of a ring
  • Replace single or whole parts of a jewel
  • Replace a stone or repair its housing (bezel)
  • Repair or replace a closure
  • Polishing and rhodium plating of new and old jewels due to the presence of oxide or scratches/abrasions


How Much Does a Jewelry Consultant Cost?


Typically a Jewelry Consultant in USA charges a commission on the overall budget, although he generally favors agreeing with the client.


For requests beyond the classic ones, or where a creative and technical consultation is necessary, a fixed fee and a fixed deadline could also be requested based on the expected commitment and the research.

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