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In the past, hearing aids limited access to personal audio devices such as mobile phones and music players. One needs to remove the hearing aid in order to accommodate earbuds. With advanced technology, you can now connect your hearing aids to your smartphone and enjoy music.  Both Apple and Android phones can now connect to hearing aids with ease.


Apple has patented specific Bluetooth connectivity with hearing aids so that particular hearing aids can communicate directly with the iOS platform that runs the iPhone. Android phones can also connect to hearing aids via Bluetooth.


So, what type of hearing aids can connect to smartphones?

  1. Resound hearing aids

Resound was founded in 1943, and its headquarters are in Denmark. Resound hearing aids are available in more than 100 countries and are the key players in Australia. They have unique features and are well known for their smartphone app. The app has a fantastic amount of control for the wearers who seek a highly versatile device and easy to use.

Resound is known for its innovative new technologies and for producing the first open fit hearing aid. It was also the first to link hearing aid to Apple products.


  1. Unitron hearing aids

Unitron hearing aids have high-quality manufacturing standards with unique smartphone app adjustment and artificial intelligence adjustment technologies.  The company was established in Canada, making their hearing aids less popular in Australia. However, they are loved by their wearer due to their high quality.

The Unitron moxi hearing aids provide the ultimate connectivity to both Android and Apple smartphones.


  1. Signia hearing aids

Signia hearing aids were formally known as Siemens hearing aids.  Signia provides the most extensive range of options in hearing aid technology.  You can connect the hearing aid to your smartphone through the Signia smartphone app or AI assistant.


  1. Phonak hearing aids

The Phonak Audeo Marvel, released in 2018 and upgraded to the Phonak Audeo Paradise in late 2020, is arguably the most successful brand and device range to date. Phonak was founded in Switzerland in 1947.  You can connect Phonak hearing aids to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

You no longer have to remove your hearing aids to fit earbuds when you are jogging or listening to music.


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