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Home renovation is a tiresome process because various aspects have to be considered at that time. And if you have a limited budget to invest in your home renovation then you need to be smart enough. Therefore, you need to make a checklist for home renovation to ensure that you remember all the things. You should make the proper planning of what parts or areas of your home need further modification or up gradation. Modernize Planning Checklist is important at the beginning of the process. Below are some important areas of the home that requires extra attention however you can make the checklist as per your requirement.

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Home maintenance and repair: if you have recently bought your home, maybe you had a house inspection done. However, if you are living in your home from long time, you may require a modernized home inspection. Remember that your first precedence should be to protect your house and keep the same in excellent condition.

Electrical: if there is a need to open up any wall in your home, you should think about some upgrades into the electrical system with the help of electrician near me. At that time remember to renew old wiring of your home for efficiency and safety, as well as renew gadgetry like satellite link up, the internet/cable wiring, ceiling speakers, etc.


  • Properly inspect the electrical service panel to get proper and safe power supply.
  • In case the electrical outlets are not grounded then you need to upgrade the same by an experienced electrician. You should know that there are different electricians available in the market, you should choose the service of best and local electricians.
  • Replace or add extra electrical outlets in case the existing ones are outdated.
  • Make sure that there is ample airing in your bathrooms, if not you may require adding ceiling fans. Always keep the contact number of emergency electricianto fix the problems.
  • At last, think about the lighting pattern in your house. Reconsider the existing light fittings and decide if there is need to update them. Examine all switches of light and ensure they are in good condition and work correctly. In case not, you should contact with best emergency electrician near meand repair the problem instantly.

Bathroom and Kitchen upgrades: updating bathroom and kitchen with a contemporary appearance with quality fixtures and appliances can add value as well as beauty to your home. Improvements can be trivial or engross an entire repair. Besides general upgrades like lighting, electrical and floors that might apply to baths and kitchens, other things to consider are:


  • Appliances
  • Backsplash
  • Countertops
  • Cabinet knobs/pulls
  • Cabinets
  • Other aesthetic room upgrades

Floors and Trim:  think about whether you want to add hardwood floors by removing carpeting or wants to do some finishing on existing hardwood floors or else wants to replace tile floors to get a complete contemporary look. In converted, added or extended room, you may add crown molding, baseboards and other attractive items that can make such spaces unify with the overall home.

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