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While the general hum of running an aircon is to be expected, your air conditioner is certainly not supposed to make excessive and irritating noise. If you find your air conditioner is making a lot of noise, there are several reasons why this might be, and ways you can fix it.

There are several reasons why an air conditioning unit might be making noise. We have provided a comprehensive list to help you identify what’s causing you and your air conditioner grief.

The Air Filter Is Clogged

If the air filter within your aircon is clogged, it might be causing a rattling sound. To stop this irritating rattle, clean your filter and ensure you do so regularly. If this doesn’t solve the noise, it may be an issue with the compressor and you should contact a specialist.

The Compressor Needs To Be Serviced

When the air conditioner is making a loud noise, is likely not cooling properly, and has not been serviced for a long time. Having your aircon serviced regularly is vital in preventing further damage to the air conditioner, costing you greatly in the long run.

The Outdoor Unit Is Leaking Refrigerant

Installing an outdoor air conditioner is not as simple as it may seem. If not done correctly, it may lead to a faulty system where the units’ refrigerant leaks resulting in an extremely noisy system. This is why it is important to have a technician install your aircon to reduce the risk of faulty behaviours down the track.

The Condenser Coil Is Dirty Or Has A Blockage

It is a well-known fact that refrigerator coils often get dirty or block up. If the evaporator coil is dirty, has a blockage or there is a buildup of food particles and sweat it can cause the unit to make strange and irritating noises.

This is the main reason why it is recommended that you have a regular checkup schedule with an air conditioner professional. They will be able to evaluate your air conditioning system and revert any damage and faults before they worse beyond repair.

The Indoor Fan Motor Is Broken

A slightly noisy yet frustrating sound when your air conditioner is turned on may be caused by a faulty fan motor. If your air conditioner is relatively old and often used, the fan motor may have simply worn down. There is also a chance that debris left untouched within the unit has broken the fan and its motor.

High Temperature

Running your air conditioner at extreme settings and temperatures, while sometimes necessary depending on the climate, will make the fan run faster. As a result, this often means the air con will run louder than normal, but there is nothing general faulty within the unit.

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