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They say anyone who thinks that cats aren’t fun isn’t half of the fun as a dog has clearly never owned one. Our cats offer affection, love, and companionship without the mess. And sometimes, their unconditional love needs to be recognised by the cat toys.

Whether it’s a birthday present, a welcome to family gift for your newly born kid, or a special treat just because, your lovely fluffy highness needs some pampering. In this list we have jotted down some best gifting options:

  1. Pidan Roly-Poly

Pidan Roly-Poly will keep your cat entertained for hours. Not only is it perfect for keeping that curiosity alive, but you also help keep him from bored and cranky. The teardrop design lets it move around without falling, meaning your kitty will be engaged in it and for building up the extra interest it has feathers.


Pidan Roly-Poly

  1. ZEZE Oasis Ball House Pet Bed

If you really want to comfort your posh puss, check this snuggly and cute oasis ball house pet bed. Has a small hole like the gate for easy access, and is made from breathable and non-toxic material, it is perfect for travelling purposes. You can use this in the backyard over the cat grass to make a dedicated backyard for the cat.


ZEZE Oasis Ball House Pet Bed

  1. Cactus Catnip

Is there anything cats love more than a plush toy? We’ll wait for the answer! These adorable cactus plushies are full of catnip, so they’re true indulgences for your cat. The paces are easy to move around, and they come in bright colours and cute shapes, so they’re easy to find.


Cactus Catnip

  1. New Collar

Flaunt the best side of your cat on Instagram and family photos! These bowtie collars come in beautiful shades and patterns. They are made of woollen material. The tie is hand-sewn and joined to the collar with a stretchy strap. So he might like to wear cute cat collars on some occasions. You can easily find them at the cat products online.


New Collar


  1. ZEZE Simulation Fish Cat Pillow Bite-Resistant Molar Toy

If you really want to save your house from becoming a teether for your lovely kitten, there’s nothing better than a toy that is a pillow and molar toy in fish shape! This black shaded fish will keep your cat hunting when you are not around. Get in on the cat toys Australia.


ZEZE Simulation Fish Cat Pillow Bite-Resistant Molar Toy

  1. ZIWIPeak Wet Mackerel Recipe for Cats

If you’re a fan of treating your kitty with the very best, a simple gift for your favourite feline is made from ethically sourced fish. Mackerel is dark and oily fish, loaded with essential omega-3, New Zealand Mackerel recipe is a healthy and delicious choice for your cat.







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