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Are you planning to buy a stainless steel plate, but you do not yet know how to fix it? The process is straightforward and fast, even for those who are not used to tinkering! So here goes:

The steps to install a stainless steel sheet

1st step: Protect and clean space

First, it is better to protect and clean your workspace, that is, the place where you prepare the Metal Plate, as well as where you will put it. On the other hand, for your safety, we advise you to put on gloves before any handling of the sheet. This is because the edges of it can be slightly sharp depending on how you grip it. Thus, putting on gloves will prevent you from any risk of cuts and will also allow you to put the plate on without leaving fingerprints on it. Therefore, when you have received your stainless steel plate, handle the package with care, unpack it and then place your plate on your workspace.

2nd step: Apply glue or adhesive

Then you have two options: apply neoprene/mastic glue, or apply double-sided tape. These two options are the same and allow having a fixation that will last almost forever, primarily if the plate is intended to go on a completely smooth surface. However, in terms of price and speed of installation, double-sided tape is the best option.

3rd step: Remove PVC film sheet

After fixing the sheet, you will need to remove the protective PVC film located on the visible side. Do it little by little and delicately enough to avoid tension with the glue.

On the other hand, this step must be carried out after installation; otherwise, you risk having traces and scratches on your plate. If you always wear your gloves, you will also reduce the risk of leaving marks on your plate.

In addition, it is possible to make joints with the rest of the glue that you will have. Then do not hesitate to extract the excess adhesive.

4th step: Clean your stainless steel plate

Following the various manipulations, your Steel Sheet may have fingerprints or other marks. No worries, it’s normal! Just use a special stainless steel cleaner that will remove all traces. The method of use: Spray the product on your plate or on your soft, dry cloth, then spread the product using the fabric and then wipe. If you don’t have a special stainless steel cleaner, you can also use a sponge and soapy water. In any case, do not use abrasive products, or your sheet will be scratched!

There you have it, following an easy and quick fixing, you should have a beautiful sheet installed at home! These sheets are mostly used in Pipe Fitting Singapore.

Now you know how to install stainless steel sheets with ease! It only remains to contemplate your new room for many years! Yes, since stainless steel is ultra-resistant, you will be able to enjoy your piece of sheet metal for decades, at least!

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