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It is imperative to have all of the tools required to raise a puppy, but professionalveterinary care for your budding puppy is very important to good health. They need to be completely vaccinated some weeks or so just same as babies of human to confirm that they would grow up to be happy and healthy members of the family.


Most of the Logan Village Vet hospitals start vaccines at or approximately 8 weeks of age and immunize until 16 weeks. In case you have an adult dog or older puppy that you have to get vaccinated, it is okay, they can take vaccines at any age. Your dog breeder can have started some of your puppies vaccines at the age of 6 or 7 weeks and it is fine too. Your breeder can also started deworming your pet for inner parasites too. In case they haven’t, your Mobile Vet Brisbanewill ask for a stool sample at very first visit to check for inner parasites like hook worms, round worms, coccidia, whip wormsand giardia.

As early as you get your new puppy you must fix an appointment with your Holistic Vet Brisbaneto confirm that your pet is healthy and happy. They would check for congenital problemslike open fontanel, cleft palate, heart murmurs, loose hips and loose knee caps. In case you have any doubts about behavior, house training, what type of toys, food, crate, or any health problems, confirm to ask your Dog Physio Gold Coast.

Throughout your puppies next some months it would be getting vaccinated in the period of every 2 to 4 weeks. These vaccines are highly important to stop the spread of some diseases and viruses that can be shifted from mom to puppy and one puppy to another puppy. Some of the examples will be Bordetella: a very transmissible upper respiratory virus which causes a goose such as honking cough. Usually, it is treated with an antibiotic as well as causes no ongoingharm. One more example will be Parvovirus: it is even a contagious gastrointestinal virus which causes vomiting, inappetence, bloody diarrhea, and sloughing of the GI tract. This type of virus is curable if caught soon, but can be costly to treat and is possibly fatal.

At approximately age 5-6 months you would need to have your puppy castrated or spayed. In males it will assist with marking of their terrainas well as aggression problems, and reduce the chance of testicular cancer as well as prostate issues when they are getting aged as well as not having unsolicited litters of puppies. On the other hand, in females it assists reduce the chance of breast and ovarian cancer once they get older and not having annoying litters.

With good and experienced care of Mobile Vet Gold Coast you can confirm that your puppy will grow into a healthy and happy adult dog. Always, stay updated with the changes in your pet and get treatment accordingly.

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