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Hearing aid technology is rapidly advancing, helping users hear better with each optimisation. Hearing aids contain four main parts; power source, receiver, microphone and speech processor. With advancing technology, the parts have been made more sophisticated with more features that provide the wearer a wide range of options that suits their lifestyle, hearing requirements and particular needs.


So, what is the difference between high-level hearing aids and basic hearing aids?


Basic Hearing Aid

Basic hearing aids are manual. For instance, if you want to turn the volume up or down, you must manually do it. Even though some are computer programmable, their basic abilities are still limited.


Basic hearing aids have two channels that process different parts of incoming sound signals. They are equipped with directional microphones that help increase the sound coming from the wearer’s front and soften sound that comes from other directions. However, basic hearing aids do not use advanced speech processing or noise-cancelling algorithms.


High-Level Hearing Aids

High-level hearing aids have eight or more channels that help the separate sound. The hearing aids come with a variety of advanced features that help improve the hearing abilities of the wearer.


They are often equipped with Bluetooth wireless compatibility to connect to devices such as mobile phones, eliminate feedback and improve the signal to noise ratio. Some hearing aids come with smartphone apps that connect to both android and apple products. Others come with features like wind noise reduction that improve listening ability in windy environments.


Some high-level hearing aids are also equipped with data loggings that store information and learning features that learn the wearer’s preferences and automatically adjust the setting when necessary. Others have binaural processing that allows a pair of hearing aids to communicate with each other wirelessly.


The main differences between high-level hearing aids and basic hearing aids is that:

  • Basic hearing aids are manually controlled, while high-level hearing aids are automated.
  • Basic hearing aids have only four main features, while advanced hearing aids have several features such as Bluetooth compatibility and smartphone connectivity.
  • Basic hearing aids have two channels, while high-level hearing aids have eight or more channels.


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