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Fashion has always been an important part of our lives. Recently, you may have heard the terms “Fair fashion”, “Fairtrade clothes” or “Fairtrade products”, but what do they mean? The main idea behind fair trade and by extension also fair products and fashion is that no one along the production chain is exploited (as is almost always the case with traditional fashion e.g. sweatshops) and that everyone, from the farmers to the factory workers to the people selling the products receive fair wages and can work in safe working conditions as well as receiving benefits.


You can do your part to help and support this positive change by buying products labeled as fair. The fashion industry is not only one of the biggest polluters worldwide but also exploits a lot of people for their labour, and this is where a “greener” approach is needed and where sustainable fashion and veganism meet. Many people believe that veganism is just about food. Where in fact, the vegan philosophy aims to exclude animal products from all areas of life and to avoid animal exploitation wherever possible. So it is only normal that this way of thinking extends to fashion as well. Vegan bags for instance, are produced from natural plant-based or synthetic materials, as opposed to leather, fur, and other animal products. This is not only better for the animals but also for our environment, as the animal industry is one of the biggest polluters out there.


How To Implement a Fair Fashion Approach?


  • Most women carry either a clutch or a handbag with them, so they can also make an eco-conscious and fair choice when it comes to buying their next bag. Nowadays there are so many amazing looking vegan alternatives, that support fair fashion as well as animal welfare. You don’t need to buy leather handbags or fur-trimmed bags to look stylish – in fact you can look even more stylish by choosing to be cruelty-free. Vegan handbags and clutches are available in the highest quality and look fantastic as they are stylish, fashionable, and affordable.


  • Vegan shoes are sold in a broad range of styles and made from all kinds of materials. Whether you’re looking for sneakers, high heels, boots, business shoes or even climbing shoes, you can find vegan alternatives for any possible style and occasion.


  • As a responsible individual, you are no doubt aware that buying clothes made from leather or fur support a needlessly cruel industry that not only abuses animals but also destroys our planet. Luckily, it is now easier than ever to make the switch to vegan clothing as there is a vast choice of vegan products online.


  • The production process of making veggie shoes aims to pollute less, by emitting less Vegan shoes can be made from a wide variety of different plant materials such as hemp, cotton, or natural rubber. A lot of brands also use recycled materials such as rubber or plastic. Therefore, you can also follow a cruelty-free lifestyle without going out of your way as these products are now widely available.


  • Vegan shoes and vegan boots are the ideal fashion choice for a nature-loving people who want to make a difference. When you choose to purchase footwear that is designed without harming animals, your choice is both ethical and humane as most vegan brands extend their compassion towards animals also to the people who produce their shoes. So you will not find sweatshops or people working in inhumane conditions.


  • Earth-friendly vegan products are manufactured using non-toxic materials and components. Even the glues that keep these vegan shoes together are plant-based, whereas conventional shoe glues often contain harmful chemicals in addition to containing bone meal, which isn’t vegan. The soles of vegan shoes are also often made from biodegradable materials as well, such as herbs and natural rubber, which means there are no micro-plastics released when the sole is worn down.


Whether you are planning to buy vegan handbags or vegan shoes, or simply making a more eco-conscious choice for your next purchase, you can’t really go wrong as everybody wins when you buy vegan kicks. The animals, the people who made your shoes and the planet will all thank you for making a vegan and fair purchase.


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