According to the experts at vein specialist, Houston varicose veins are usually seen on the ankles, calves, or thighs. These veins are normally purple or blue in color and may appear ropy on the surface. Basically, they look like a hideous sight.




Varicose Veins rise because of debilitated valves and veins in the region they appear. These vulnerable valves do not work rightly, which begins with the collection of blood in the veins. The reasons for the compromised vein health is as mentioned:



Obesity: Becoming overweight gives additional strain on your veins and hurts them by making bad varicose veins. Almost every vein center in Houston tx suggests dropping weight to subside the problems.


Hereditary: If any of your family members has been diagnosed with varicose veins, then the probabilities are higher that you will also have to suffer through it. Even if your family has it you are susceptible to get them. Consult with the vein clinic Houston tx to avoid problems.


Growing Old: Valves in the veins get weak as you grow older with time.


Laidback Life Style- Modern office or other kinds of sitting work way demand you to keep on sticking to a special position for the whole day. This method makes your veins work more to pump blood to your heart and make them weak with time moves.


Pregnancy: When a woman gets pregnant then this points to the increase of blood formation in her body, which helps the veins to be expanded. In extension to this, the expanding uterus also creates a superfluous burden on the veins. Nevertheless, these varicose veins can retort to their initial position after some time from delivery. In this case, you don’t need vein treatment TX.



If you see these symptoms consult vein doctor TX:



Blue or purple-colored veins swell out under the surface of the skin.


Heaviness in legs after the end of the day.


Skin starts to fade and die in the affected area.


Inflammation around the feet


Even small injuries can start the prolonged bleeding


Treatment – vein specialist TX


Generally, most varicose vein problems are not problematic and can be managed.


  • Workouts are quite effective as they will augment the blood flow and diminish inflammation.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight would be an ideal choice for the resolution of this problem. Being overweight puts additional pressure on veins thereby making it damaged.
  • Several essential oils are favorable for improving blood flow while also trimming down inflammation and hormonal imbalances. One of the finest for specifically treating vein troubles is cypress oil, which has the capability to increase circulation and maintain the circulatory system.
  • An Anti-Inflammatory Diet can assist in reversing inflammation and improving blood flow, making it achievable to heal varicose veins earlier and prevent future ones from forming. High fiber foods which may include vegetables, fresh fruits, sprouted legumes and flax seeds rich in omega-3 foods are highly recommended. Besides this, high-antioxidant foods like flavonoids, vitamin C and E help a lot.

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