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One of the most important skills for employees of an international company, whose company language is English, is the skills of writing clear and concise communications. This is not only true for needing to communicate to their international clients and suppliers. But it’s especially true for internal communications. Indeed, for career advancement, there is perhaps an even greater requirement to write project briefs and requests, reports, executive summaries, meeting summaries, and emails in a clear, concise and professional style than there is for external partners.

The reason for this is that good business decisions depend on clear communication. This is true up and down and across the company structure. It is far easier to coordinate internal projects and share ideas when all coworkers understand the ideas that are being put forth, as well as processes for completing the project. When employees understand what they can expect of each other, morale often improves. Likewise, higher-level managers and project teams have no time to decipher business proposals, executive summaries and special requests if the communication is wordy or convoluted. On the other hand, the ability to be razor sharp and to the point in written form is not only a sign of courtesy and professionalism, but it also sends the reader a message that the writer is highly competent andcan focus.

Similarly, workers will have far better relationships with people outside the company when their communications are easy to comprehend. Coordinating meetings, setting goals and negotiating agreements becomes far more straightforward when both parties are able to write clearly.

Content that should be practiced on any Business Writing Course:

  • Correcting typical writing mistakes leading to wordiness
  • Learning to edit and rewrite
  • Using a common structure found in many forms of business communications
  • Extracting the key idea of what you want to say
  • Communicating clearly and persuasively
  • Writing a business-related correspondence per email or letter
  • Writing reports, meeting summaries, executive summaries and business requests

At the International Presentation Academy, we offer a 1-day Business Writing Skills Seminar (online or in Munich, Germany). We will equip non-native English speakers with the necessary skills they need to write clear and concise business communications. Participants will learn how to structure and write project briefs and requests, reports, executive summaries, meeting summaries, and emails – in a way that is clear, concise and immediately comprehensible to the reader. Participants will also learn how to recognize and edit common mistakes leading to wordiness and confusion. This course will help you and your team to develop professional business writing skills through a step-by-step guided training approach.

Our Business Writing and Skills Training (online or onsite in Munich) is also appropriate for technical writers. We invite you to contact us for an in-house quote at: info@ip-academy.de

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