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The tubes can be found everywhere, and in this case, stainless steel tubes are used in various industries. They are the primary carriers of air, gas, water, and waste. The most significant benefit of a seamless steel pipe is its ability to withstand high-pressure levels. Stainless steel pipe fittings manufacturers in India provides high-quality steel for a different industry.


When a steel pipe is welded, the weakest point in the Pipe is the welded seam. Therefore, as there is no seam in this Pipe, the pressure resistance is uniform throughout the Pipe. The steel tube has different pressure levels based on two things:

  • In its chemical composition (mixture of metals).
  • In the thickness of the pipe wall.


The benefits of seamless tubes are:

  1. Excellent corrosion resistance
  2. Excellent hot and cold machining performance
  3. Have good plasticity and toughness
  4. Have a great all-round performance
  5. Wider applicable scope



About forged steel flange

There are many ways to make flanges, but the most famous are casting and forging. The flange is a round plate-like device that attaches to the ends of fittings, valves, pipes, etc., and is helpful in assembling piping systems. Stainless Steel Flanges manufacturer in India develops flanges of many materials that match the materials used for pipes and fittings. There are generally two formats.


Forged steel is an excellent mechanical property of almost all flange products. The manufacturing process is carried out on carbon steel, alloy steel, or stainless steel. The raw material is struck and cut using a hammer and press, helping to eliminate defects and clogging. Flange from carbon steel pipe fittings manufacturers, helps connect the pipes. Often, a valve is connected to the end of the tube. This works for inlet and outlet flanges.


Duplex steel stainless steel tubing has two types of microstructure, ferrite, and austenite, which combine the most beneficial properties of stainless steel. Due to the high content of Corium and other elements, it has good resistance power to point Corrosion. Carbon Steel Flanges manufacturers, in-country manufacturer product for stainless steel pipe fittings.


Features of stainless steel pipe fittings

  • The tubing clamp opens in front of the tubing assembly, making it easy to insert the tubing.
  • By hooking the tube securely, it can be adjusted and adjusted before tightening the clamp.
  • Corrosion is avoided during alignment.
  • Provide fast installation from a robust design.
  • Available with superior strength and sealing.
  • Also available with the number of custom specifications.
  • Tested for fire safety.



Benefits of stainless steel pipe fittings

  • Designed to support and join pipes to the structural design.
  • For general plumbing applications.
  • Suitable for clamping and aligning structural steel, duplex, super duplex, and titanium pipes.
  • Pipe and tubing welding is easily accomplished with our stainless steel pipe alignment clamps.
  • Easy installation
  • Best for use where high-pressure ratings are not so important.
  • Used to join and link pipe bends.

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