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If you want to buy a boiler, you must choose the most suitable for your home and this, make sure to take into account several factors, such as type of fuel, available space and the needs of users of each house.


We explain the differences between boiler types and a guide to which boiler to choose. When you buy a boiler from a reputed company you will get Boiler Annual service at Harrow.


What is the function of a gas boiler?

A gas boiler is a tank that has the objective of heating water, in this case using gas as fuel.


The boilers are in charge of heating the rooms and the home’s water efficiently and comfortably.


Inside this tank, combustion is generated in which the gas burns and when it is heated; it causes the water to turn into steam. This steam comes out of the tank and is what is used for heating.


Depending on the use we give it in the home, we find:


Mixed boilers: They offer heat and hot water sanitary (DHW and heating). They are the usual ones in most homes. Mixed Boiler installation at watford is also available.




Instant boilers or micro accumulation boilers: They are usually installed in homes with more than three bathrooms. This type of boiler has micro-accumulators that are tanks of between 3 and 5 litres of hot water Sanitary (ACS). These micro-tanks make it possible that the water comes out hot instantly and comfortably when you open the tap, reducing the consumption of both water and gas.


What do I have to take into account when choosing a boiler?


Type of home where it is installed

When installing a boiler in a flat, the conditions are different from establishing in a single-family home, for example. Boiler installation in Harrow is available for flats.


Type of fuel with which it works

In case of Boiler installation at Harrow, it must be considered if the house has space to place a diesel tank or reach the natural gas area.


The number of bathrooms in the house

It is essential to know what use will be made of the boiler, specifically how many bathrooms and toilets there will be in the home where it is installed. Whether there will also be bathtubs or showers, you will need more or less hot water.


What types of boilers are on the market?

Types of boiler according to the fuel with which it works:

When choosing the type of fuel, you must take the availability of every kind of fuel into account in the area where the boiler is installed.


Gas boilers

Most models of gas boilers have their version in natural gas and butane or propane gas. It depends on the gas they use; they can be:


Natural gas boilers: Fuel gas reaches the home through a piped system. It is the one that emits the minor gases of all types of fuel. It needs to pass regular checks once a year and proper ventilation.


Butane gas or propane gas boilers: It is also piped gas. Propane gas boilers are often used in areas where much heating is not needed, such as second homes.

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