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Grocery shopping and the option of Grocery Delivery Surreylike any other form of buying is fast going online. Many people are opting to forgo the time they spend walking around supermarket isles, carrying your much needed groceries to their vehicles and even looking for parking to engage in better things. So, the grocery shopping activity is slowly but surely moving online. Let’s look at some trends the industry is bound to face.

Who is going online?

Research shows that online sales are growing at a rapid rate. So much so, that the sales in US alone can go up to 20 billion by 2020. This indicates that there is a new group of only savvy buyers who are shaking up the industry and their demands are set to rise as well.

Some who still hold back?

Though there are many benefits such as buying your grocery from Surrey Grocery Storesonline, there are still some who prefer the traditional option. This is mainly because they feel the in-store option gives them instant gratification. There is the touch, smell and feel aspects that humans relate to a lot. The online options do not provide this. So, for those that crave smelling fruits and looking for that perfect vegetable, the online option may take years to appeal to.


If you look at the type of customers, it is easy to understand why the older generation, namely the over 60’s are staying away from it. Research says that the customer segment that is most likely to be attracted to this option is the individuals between 18 – 49 years. After all they are the ones with busy schedules and careers to manage so it is easy to see them taking this option much more readily. They are also more used to technology so would find it easy to adapt.

Smart consumers

The new customers of halal grocery delivery Burnabyare smarter and they know their rights. They look for quality and convenience but they will not just take your word for it. Since they look for value, they will do their own research and select the online stores they shop in. They will want to know how convenient it is to place an order, the price for delivery, returns and they will usually want these details readily available online. More and more consumers are looking for healthy food options and environmentally friendly options to buying, so these should be readily available if the said stores are to benefit. If you don’t want to go outside and want to purchase your grocery, you can visit best Indian

Grocery Store Near Me. With the help of this option, you can fulfill your needs of grocery to a great extent.

The trends are looking positive for the industry, but retailers need to understand their consumers in detail and their buyer behavior if they are to successfully reap benefits. If you are searching Halal Food Suppliers Surreythen you should search online and find best deal.

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