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Usually, Varicose veins are noticed under the skin’s surface. The veins become varicose when the blood starts pooling within the veins ending in inflamed and protrude outward. The treatment depends on how critical the situation is. If the condition is severe causing pain along with a heavy sensation in the legs, you may need vein treatment new york. Moreover, you might experience leg cramps.



When the varicose vein is mild, you won’t need to go through medical treatments. You may opt for some simple treatments such as elevation of legs, usage of compression stockings, etc. but if the condition is serious like your veins are bulging out through the surface of the skin, may need immediate attention of a vein doctor near me.


There are numerous ways to treat varicose veins. One of the best solutions is Endovenous Ablation.


Endovenous Ablation is a treatment technique that causes a targeted varicose vein to vanish. This procedure is normally operated at the vein center new york. A vein specialist in manhattan administers local anesthesia to numb the affected area. Then, he/she inserts a laser fiber or a catheter into the targeted blood vessel.


Once the catheter heats up the vein, the fiber damages the blood vessel’s inner lining. This makes the diseased veins collapse and fades away after a few days.  However,  you might feel a modest level of pain during the operation of the laser, it’s easily tolerable. Discuss the treatment first with a vein doctor near me NYC before its execution.


Advantages of the treatment:


After an Endovenous laser ablation treatment for varicose veins, you are normally told to wear compression stockings for the following week. They help to prevent the origin of blood clots and also aid in minimizing bruising.



There are a number of advantages to this procedure when compared to other treatment options at vein centers. As mentioned before, Endovenous Ablation is a minimally invasive procedure, which means that there is no need for an incision. After the treatment, you will notice that scarring is also limited as well.


Moreover, another advantage is that this vein treatment NY is less painful in comparison with vein stripping, both during as well as after the removal of varicosity. Furthermore, the difficulties related to the method are more limited as well. If you notice any complication, consult a vein doctor near me midtown.


Lastly, the targeted vein almost always stays unseen after Endovenous Ablation, even a year after the procedure. In addition, recurrences are rare as well. While granting relief from chronic aching and pain, the varicose vein treatment will also minimize the possibility of skin ulcers. Furthermore, it will also remove the unattractive bulging, and improve the flow of blood via the site.


EVLT Cost:


Charges for EVLT may range from $600 to $3,000, but it may vary depending on the total numbers the vein needs to be treated.

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