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Electric fences for cats and dogs have evolved from the use of electric fences to control cattle and other livestock. An electric fence for cats and dogs provides an electronic barrier that deters cats and dogs from moving past the electric fence without sending a signal to others. A wire cable installed around the perimeter of your property sends a radio signal to a receiver collar worn by your pet. When your dog or cat gets too close to the electric fence, an audible warning sound is sent. If the warning sound is ignored, the collar emits a harmless customised electrical stimulation that deters the cat or dog from moving past the electric fence. While in 2021 many pet owners have been working from home, there are times when we need to leave our pets home alone and know they will be safe. An electric fence for your cat or dog provides the perfect solution as well as many other benefits.


Electric dog fences can be installed under the ground, on the ground or attached to a structure. Electric cat fences are installed in much the same way, but usually above the ground. During the training phase, visual flags are added to the perimeter of the electric fence so that cats and dogs have a visual reference for the perimeter. Eventually, the flags can be removed once the training phase is complete and your pets understand the boundaries and warnings the electric fence system provides. Once the flags have been removed the electric fence is largely hidden from view, particularly if the fence has been installed underground. This “invisible fence’ provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance around your home, providing an obvious benefit for the avid gardener and homeowner.


As well as setting a clear boundary for your cat or dog, the best electric fences can be used to section off other areas of the garden such as veggie gardens, pools, children’s play areas or sandpits. Providing an electric barrier to no-go zones keeps everyone in the family happier.


The same is true inside the house. Electric fences can act like an electronic door in your home. For example, you may wish to make the kitchen or bedrooms a no-go zone, or perhaps you want to keep the cat from climbing the Christmas tree. Electric dog and cat fences can be customised into whatever zones you wish, allowing everyone in the house to have their own space. Of course, an electric pet fence is not intended to act as a prison or to stop you from giving your pet attention. However, there are times such as when you are working from home in 2021, that you need your pet to respect your space. This can be achieved effectively with training and training aids such as an electric cat or dog fence.


An electric dog fence or cat fence will help keep your pet safe when you are away from home. Your pet will come to understand that the electric fence marks the perimeter of their domain. After initial training, your pet will simply accept the barrier and stop trying to move past it 99.9% of the time.


Most people who look for electronic cat fences or electronic dog fences are usually searching because they have a problem to address. Often this problem revolves around modifying unwelcome behaviour such as chasing after the postie or making unscheduled visits to the neighbour’s pets. We can’t watch our pets every second of the day, so they need to be trained to understand their boundaries and the behaviour that is acceptable. The best electric cat and dog fences are a very useful and safe tool to use as part of the training process.


Often the problem might relate to the lack of fencing on a property. An electric fence has the benefit of cost-efficiency. A dog or cat electric fence can be set up in a fraction of the time it would take to build a new fence. An electric fence usually is much cheaper than building an actual fence from timber or brick. It also has the benefit of being portable.


Electric dog and cat fences are very popular with pet owners who rent a property. Often the fencing can be inadequate to keep your pet safe. Installing an electric dog or cat fence adds another layer of protection for your pet once they have been trained and provides effective containment zones.


Whatever your reason, the best electric dog fence or electric cat fence will help you develop an effective solution for the behaviour or space problem you are having. There are many types of electric fences available specifically tailored for cats and dogs. Hidden Fence supplies very popular solutions by DogWatch which has customisable electric dog fences, cat fences and general electric pet containment fences.


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