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You visit a friend and notice their house is calmer than yours. Quieter, more peaceful, and can hear the delightful sounds of birds chirping outside. So used to hearing the sound of your noisy air conditioner, you forgot it was possible to hear the peaceful sounds of the outdoors.

So why do some air conditioners make more noise than others, and why is yours so noisy? There are various reasons that contribute to a noisy air conditioner. Some common reasons include:

Isolation Padding Wearing Off

The isolation padding in air conditioners is responsible for absorbing noise produced by fans and other internal parts. If the padding wears off over time, the noise level in AC will start to increase, making your aircon loud and irritating.

Tight Refrigerant Lines

If the installed refrigerant lines are too tight, the AC becomes noisy. This can be resolved by asking your technician to adjust them.

Failing Motor

The motor is a key part to an air conditioning system. Evidently, when the motor begins to fail, the noise from the AC increases. It is advisable to repair the motor immediately after the noise starts to avoid more damages.

Loose Parts

If part of the hardware of the motor system is loose. the AC will produce unpleasant noise.

Other problems that might cause air conditioners to be too loud are; malfunction or old compressor, old blower motor, indoor unit’s belt that is worn off or not well aligned.

Strange noises indicate that your AC is damaged and they might be the reason you find your AC louder than others.

Buzzing sounds

●       Buzzing sounds indicate that your air conditioner unit is wearing down. The sound tells you that you may need a new AC sooner than you think.

Squealing sounds

●       Squealing sounds indicate that the furnace or motor bearing has a problem. It can be resolved by lubricating the parts to stop the noises.

Banging sounds

●       Banging sounds mean that you need to call your technician as soon as possible. If the unit is making banging noises, it definitely needs a closer look to identify the cause of the sounds.

Chattering sounds

●       Chattering sounds indicate that parts of the unit are loose and require to be fastened soon. It can also be caused by leaves or twigs that have clogged the system.


●       The sound might come as a high-pitched whistling or a scream. This is likely caused by a refrigerant leak or high internal pressure within your compressor and needs to be fixed immediately.


●       When your AC sounds like a helicopter, it can indicate several mechanical problems. It can indicate a faulty fan or a damaged blower. If your AC has any of these sounds, consult your technician.

These sounds might be the reason your air conditioner is louder than others. At air-rite, we specialise in installation and maintenance for air conditioning and mechanical ventilation. Contact us for more information or advice on maintaining your air conditioner.

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