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When preparing family dinner, having a variety of food groups and macronutrients on the dinner table is often a high priority. Creating balanced meals requires a variety of foods, and this often means the combination of bitter, sweet or even acidic flavours. While providing such variety is likely well intended, too much of a good thing can be harmful.


Acidic foods in particular are one of the most destructive foods with high potential for tooth decay and enamel damage. While it is not necessary to avoid all acidic foods in your diet, in order to efficiently care for your teeth, it is ideal to minimise their consumption. To best avoid the acidity from harming your teeth, whenever possible, consume water when you do eat acidic food.


To maintain a healthy diet and optimal dental health, there are a few highly acidic foods you may want to avoid. This certainly doesn’t mean missing out on the foods you love, there are many alternatives on the market to ensure you are satisfying your cravings whilst getting adequate nutrition.


Acidic Foods to Avoid

Highly Acidic Beverages

Highly acidic beverages include energy drinks, soft drinks, sports drinks, and fruit juice. These beverages highly contribute to tooth decay and enamel erosion. Soft drinks are a major cause of tooth erosion, even if they are sugar-free, and are generally more acidic due to carbonation.  Fruit juices, especially made from citrus fruits, are also highly acidic. Despite fruits’ healthier promise, it still contains high levels of natural sugar which can be harmful to your dental health. Ideal and delicious alternatives include fresh milk, water, and unsweetened tea, some of which have the potential to boost oral health.


Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits include oranges, grapefruits, limes, and lemons. While they are nutritious, they can also cause acidic effects on the teeth’s enamel. It is advisable to eat them as part of a meal rather than alone, and accompanied with the consumption of water.  Dried fruits such as raisins can stick on your teeth and potentially cause cavities. When a cavity is formed, the acid produced by the cavity-producing bacteria harms the fruits. After eating dry fruit, ensure you brush your teeth to remove all leftovers to get rid of the acids.



This includes tomato in it’s whole fruit form, and its products. Tomato products include sauce, salsa, hot sauces, and ketchup. Similar to citrus fruits, it is advisable to eat tomatoes as part of a meal and wash down the food with water to minimize the time it has in contact with your teeth.



Condiments include all products that contain vinegar, sugar, oil and tomatoes. These products should only be used as a complement to meals. It is ideal to avoid their widespread use, and consume minimal amounts at a time to reduce the risk of tooth decay.



Wine is a common and wonderful addition to your meal. However, it contributes to decay and has the potential to stain your teeth. When consuming highly acidic beverages such as alcohol, you can neutralize the acidity by eating lower acidic foods. It is also ideal to drink water to wash down the acidity from the wine.


Food High in Sugar

Sugary foods are usually sticky and cause the acidic bacteria to build up and cause extreme enamel erosion.


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