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People who initially see developing varicose veins believe that this is a temporary condition that will resolve on its own. But unfortunately, it is not true. If not taken care of, there are damaged valves in the feet, which time will not fix. These valves cause blood to pool and veins to dilate, resulting in unsightly blue lines emerging from under the skin.


During pregnancy, women’s hormones change, so they are more prone to varicose veins. However, pregnancy-related varicose veins can sometimes disappear within six to 12 weeks after giving birth.



If you are thinking that varicose veins will go away on their own, then you may have to face a serious situation due to this illusion. You need to consult a vein doctor near me Hamptons to prevent more varicose veins from forming. There are many varicose vein treatment Hamptons options, you can choose them based on the condition of your veins.

Why won’t varicose veins disappear?


First let us know how varicose veins arise. There are many reasons for having varicose veins such as inactivity, pregnancy and smoking. When vein structure weakens, blood cannot flow through the vein. As a result the vein becomes visible under the skin and potentially when problems such as itching or pain begin. As we know, the visibility of the vein is due to the weak vein structure. When a vein is already damaged, there is no way to regenerate the vein. If the condition of the veins starts getting worse, then immediately contact the vein specialist near me Hamptons.


How to prevent varicose veins from getting worse-


By adopting a healthy lifestyle, you can avoid many risk factors for varicose veins. And if you already have the problem of varicose veins, then you can save the situation from worsening. Here are some actions by which you can prevent the serious condition of varicose veins.


Reduce weight: Obesity is a risk factor for worsening the condition of varicose veins. Having extra pounds puts extra pressure on the leg veins, which causes varicose veins to arise. Although losing weight will not completely fade existing varicose veins, it will reduce their appearance and ease the discomfort that often accompanies the condition.


Work out: By exercising, the circulation of blood is maintained normally. Regular exercise does not lead to weight gain. Along with this, it also helps in preventing the emergence or worsening of varicose veins.



Wear compression stockings: If you are suffering from varicose veins and you think the risk may be high, then start wearing compression stockings. These are specially designed to squeeze the nerves in the legs. Through this, blood helps to flow from the extremities to the heart.


If lifestyle changes are not yielding results and your varicose veins are becoming a problem, you should consider consulting a vein specialist near me Hamptons. There are currently non-surgical or minimally invasive vein treatments near me Hamptons available to treat varicose veins, including ablation, ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy, Varithena, and VenaSeal.

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