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At regardless, spider veins are not nice to look at where they may be in the body. It can appear on the face but this usually happens on the legs. Fortunately, There 2 effective methods already invented and safely applied for spider vein treatment, they are laser surgery and sclerotherapy


Methods of Spider vein treatment


The 1’st method of spider vein treatment is a laser. Here, the vein doctor will aim the beam over the spider veins so this will coagulate and shrink. This is very effective when the patient has small and medium-sized spider veins. When the procedure is being performed patients who decide to use laser surgery should know that they will feel a little pain. Despite that, you don’t need to be given any local anesthetic, sedative, or pain medication



The 2’nd is called sclerotherapy also known as spider vein injection. In that way, the vein doctor NJ will inject a sclerosing agent into you the affected vein which is designed to make them contract and collapse. This is performed when the patient has medium to large spider veins. It is a painless method which is why anesthesia is not given. Within 15 to 45 minutes it is over. To see its full effect you will have to go back for two or six more sessions. It can only be done by a certified doctor.


In both types, you should expect the spider veins in the skin to get darker and become more visible. This should already start to fade within 2 weeks to a month and a half, so it is slowly improving.


Cost of Spider vein treatment


Some patients who have small, medium, and large spider veins have to use combination therapy which consists of sclerotherapy and laser which will greatly reduce the cost for spider vein treatment near me. The costs of laser treatment and sclerotherapy are not so much different.


A session of laser treatment may cost between $300 and $450 per session while sclerotherapy could cost $100-400 per session. But you have to remember that this could go higher depending on the number of veins that have to be treated, the vein doctor near me who is performing the procedure, and where you are having this done. Instead of having this done in the hospital, doctors who have their own clinic can do it right there.



Which one will be performed on you will depend on the assessment of your doctor. You should see if your insurance provider will be able to cover it, to help with the cost of this procedure. You should know right now that a lot of insurance companies do not accept this expense because their argument is that this is a cosmetic procedure.


The two types of spider vein treatment NJ have differences and similarities. You cannot substitute one with another. This is because one type is designed to help patients who have small to medium spider veins and the other one is to help treat those who have medium to large spider veins.

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