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Auckland is located on the North Island of New Zealand. It has a diverse climate with rainfall abundant over the winter months and less plentiful over the summer. With a population of over a 1.6million, demands on water supply can be quite a challenge. This has led to the extensive use of water pumps throughout Auckland and the surrounding regions water pump servicing Auckland

The applications for water pumps throughout Auckland are quite diverse. The following uses of water pumps in Auckland and around New Zealand are as follows.

Household Water Pumps

Household water pumps in Auckland are often found as part of a rainwater harvesting system. Water pumps are used to pump water from rainwater storage tanks to the garden or to appliances such as washing machines and toilets. Some households in Auckland use water pumps as part of a whole-house system, More commonly water pumps in Auckland are used to help supplement the mains water supply.

Commercial Water Pumps

As the name suggests, commercial water pumps are generally used in commercial applications in Auckland. The possibilities are endless, limited only by the capacity of the water pump and your imagination. Popular uses are commercial gardens and lawns, golf courses, sports fields, horse arenas, vineyards, large business areas and green walls and roofs Irrigation store near me

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Spa and Swimming Pool Pumps

Throughout summer, swimming pool pumps are in high demand in peak swimming season. It is important to keep your swimming pool water pump well maintained, even over the winter months if your pool is not heated. Spa bath water pumps are used in Auckland all year round for recreational and therapeutic reasons.

Irrigation Pumps

Around Auckland, irrigation water pumps are frequently used as part of a sprinkler irrigation system, for household lawns, gardens, hobby farms and commercial horticulture. Around the outskirts of Auckland, you will also see irrigation pumps being used in agricultural settings of various scales.

Pumps for Water Features.

Water pumps used in water features are often solar-powered to make the most of the sunlight in Auckland. Solar water pumps require very little effort to install and are perfect to power a small pond or water feature.

Bach water tank pumps

In New Zealand, it is quite common for Auckland residents to travel to their Bach or holiday home for the weekend. A favourite location to do this is the Coramandel Peninsula which is about a 21/2 hour drive from Auckland. Many Bach owners like to utilise rainwater harvesting for their water supply. This creates a high demand for quality water pump suppliers in Auckland.

Most people know they need a water pump but do not really understand how to work out the size and capacity of the water pump they need. That’s where the team at Think Water Auckland can help you. They have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the local conditions. They will be able to help you set your water pump to an existing system, or even help you design and install a water pumping solution from scratch.

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