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If you decide to go for a dental procedure of tooth extraction and you are suffering from puffiness of the face, swollen gums, or perhaps bleeding, then you may currently have a tooth infection. If you come with an infection earlier than you have the tooth taken care of, the dentist may assign you medicines to utilize immediately after treatment. If you have a really bad abscess, you’ll need to use antibiotics to take care of the infections before the dentist will remove the tooth.



What causes tooth infection?

The cause for this is bacteria. Following Dental Extraction, bacteria will probably be much more alive within the mouth than ever. Along with the extraction place being revealed, the bacteria might be able to reach the site. This can result in infection since the site is uncovered and the fact that you might be unable to make use of mouthwash or brush during the first 24 – 48 hrs. 

Immediately after extractions, the very first sign of infection is renewed bleeding. This commonly occurs around 48 hours immediately after the extraction. Though it normally is not critical, you should however contact your dentist and make an appointment. Your dentist can stop the bleeding and provide you with some antibiotics for tooth infection.


Symptoms of tooth infection

For the most part, a tooth infection is a product of a gradual process that starts with tooth decay. Over time, the tooth gets seriously eroded and may be susceptible to infections. If you have an infection, you may experience the following tooth infection symptoms

 that need to be taken seriously:

  • Jaw pain
  • You may have trouble breathing or swallowing
  • Sometimes it may come with fever
  • Swollen gums may also be painful when contact is made

Any of these symptoms are a call for your attention and you need to find a dentist in the fastest possible way.

These symptoms are an indication that the tooth is infected, with the possibility of an Abscess Tooth. One must seek medical treatment immediately. This is a serious infection, and if ignored, the infection may spread to the blood and may cause blood poisoning and toxicity. If not treated, the condition of blood toxicity and poisoning is life-threatening, so one must seek appropriate medical treatment right away.



Home remedies for tooth infection

The best natural home remedy for tooth infection is garlic. It is known to have excellent health benefits outside of the mouth also. Garlic is said to have been used for centuries before and it is a great anesthetizer for pain. If your tooth is broken or you have an open cavity, all you need to do to get relief is to place a clove of garlic into the cavity and let garlic perform its wonder.

If you are not in too much pain and you are able to chew the garlic clove, then that is what you should do. When you chew the garlic, it will release its natural antiseptic directly where the pain is on the tooth, and that is when the healing and relief will happen. Make sure you have garlic in your fridge at all times, you never know when that tooth pain is going to hit!

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