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When it comes to product development, we spontaneously think of R&D. Without CAD, there will be no car, no plane, and no cosmetics. Without you thinking about it, BIM Modeling is everywhere.

CAD: Definition

CAD is the abbreviation of Computer-Aided Design, also called CAD in English for Computer-Aided Design. CAD is the act of drawing on a computer a part of a machine to pass from an idea state to that of something to industrialize. To put it very schematically, the person in charge of the computer-aided design will be the one who will pass the draft made on a napkin at the restaurant by the designer to that of a product that can be made. Due to its uniqueness CAD Outsourcing is on a rise. Visit Product Design Agency

CAD software

CAD software makes it possible to make a file on a product in which we will find all the parts with their properties (size, resistance to mechanical forces, etc.), such as a product catalog. This will then allow the various people involved in the design of this product to refer to it in the progress of its production. At the end of the draftsman’s work, we will have the plan of a part of all the dimensions that characterize it.


Nobody thinks about it, but CAD is everywhere; the phone you are reading this article on could only have been done with CAD, the chair you are sitting on or the building you are in, whatever else. Is the hardware required the intervention of computer-aided design? Here is a quick overview of the sectors in which CAD is present:

The design of parts

Whether in aeronautics, automobiles, or the food industry, each part that will constitute a product (or its packaging) required a designer-designer to draw it. You have to see every car, every plane, or every piece of equipment as a collection of parts. The designer, therefore, needs to know the different properties of a material and how to produce them to design parts that can be industrialized. Many countries are Outsourcing to India for CAD services because they have the best CAD designers.

Machine design:

Generally recognized as more complex by manufacturers, the design of special machines requires coupling knowledge of the creation of parts to how the machines will be assembled and used by the customer.

Design in the construction industry

The construction sector requires the presence of CAD to determine the plans of a building. The designer must have notions of design (for the facade of buildings in particular), know the different materials that make up the building and their properties, and have strong knowledge in electricity, hydraulics, and aeronautics design elements of the building.

What are the professions related to CAD?

The first profession that comes to mind when we talk about CAD is, of course, the designer. It is a cunning profession that has emerged over time. The designer must know his sector of activity with the standards and rules that govern it. He must also master one or more CAD software which will also depend on the sector he operates in and what he designs. All their qualities make them an extremely valuable asset which is why Product Design Companies compete to hire for their services.

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